I'm running Postgres16 on Windows server. Start researching on pg_basebackup - when I execute the following command, pg_basebackup.exe -h SERVERNAME -U postgres -p 5432 -D Z:\PostgreSQL\16\backups\ -Fp -Xs -P -R --checkpoint=fast --max-rate=1024M I'm getting the following error:

pg_basebackup: error: connection to server at "servername" port 5432 failed: FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for replication connection from host, user "postgres", no encryption

I think it's because I added the SSPI connections.

I have the following entries before the sspi but still getting error

host    all     all       scram-sha-256 
host    all     all    scram-sha-256 
host    all     all     ::0/0           sspi    map=sspi

How do I fix pg_hba so I can use sspi for certain usernames will able to allow connections for local logins (much like mixed mode in MSSQL)?

Thank you

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The magic database name "all" does not match the magic database name "replication" used for replication connections, so there is no match in your pg_hba. You could use "all,replication" if you want to include replication connections in your existing pg_hba configuration without repeating yourself.

  • Thank you jjanes for the suggestions. I added "replication" to the host all,replication all scram-sha-256 host all,replication all scram-sha-256 , restarted service but still getting similar error.
    – Student
    Dec 19, 2023 at 14:04
  • For future reference, make sure you have "all,replication" on the user that is running the pg_basebackup. In my case, I was using an AD service account, so I had to add "all,replication" to the sspi in pg_hba.conf
    – Student
    Jan 11 at 21:03

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