I have created Conceptual data model and Physical data model with this information:
Conceptual data model:

Physical data model:

I want 'Purchase' to have many 'Ticket'. For example, something like this:
(PurchaseID, TicketID)
( 1 1 )
( 1 1 )
( 1 2 )
( 1 2 )
This could correspond to 'One purchase with 4 tickets, 2 one kind of tickets and 2 another kind of tickets)
How can I model correctly?

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Have a 1-many linking table

PurchaseTickets (
 PKey INT identity(1,1) primary Key, 
 PurchaseID INT References Purchase(PurchaseId), 
 TicketID INT References Ticket(TicketId)

Remove TicketId from Purchase

I recommend changing field "Price" on Ticket to CostPrice (not the same as Purchase.Price)

Don't store duration on Ticket - can be calculated from DATEDIFF(DAY, Start, End) If you have Currency on Purchase.Price, you also need Currency on Ticket, or at least a conversion rate to make same as purchase price... gets hectic - might need a Date, CurrencyFRom, CurrencyTo, XRate reference table with exchange rates over time, linking on... purchasedate.

  • Thank you, I tested it now and it works 😊
    – Justas
    Jan 24 at 12:43
  • @Justas - excellent - please accept the answer :)
    – Alocyte
    Jan 24 at 12:46

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