I need to change column collation from default to "C.utf8".

This is the statement I am using:

ALTER TABLE <table_name>

The issue is that SET DATA TYPE is causing errors as there are views and triggers that rely on that specific column. I would rather not have to drop and recreate views and triggers and touch a lot of additional code-base. Is there a syntax for updating collation without requiring SET DATA TYPE?

Postgres version: 14.10

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There is no safe way to do that. Modifying the catalog (and thereby corrupting any index on the column) might look appealing, but I deem that a foolhardy risk, since the proper solution is so simple: have a script that creates all your views (and is checked into a version control system). Then it is no problem to drop the views, run ALTER TABLE and create them again. You could do that in a single transaction.

  • Thank you. That is what we ended up doing. However, we didn't create any indexes on the column whose collation we wanted to change. Also, we use a migration tool, so the views and triggers need to have a change in the file hash for the tool to add them again. It just seems like a lot of unnecessary complexity for a column with no index.
    – kravb
    Feb 2 at 13:22
  • I admit that that is unpleasant, but it avoids inconsistencies. We dislike data corruption so much that we risk annoying users to prevent it. Feb 2 at 13:28

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