Customer has about 4960 tables in different schemas and will apply a logical replication whole database. Is there any easy way to set 4960 tables' replica identity full. (alter <schema.table> replica identity full)

Customer is regularly upgrading/updating commercial licensed (not opensource) product and each update/upgrade reset table specifications so need to apply replica identity settings again after upgrade/update :)

So I am looking for better solution instead of applying 4960 alter statements


  • Generate the alterations in a loop? What exactly are you looking for here? Feb 6 at 11:58
  • Why "full"? The primary key is better. Feb 6 at 12:16
  • Hello @LaurenzAlbe Could not change anything on table design. Vendor and customer do not let me and as I wrote in my question. Table properties resets by installer while update or upgrade Feb 6 at 12:51
  • 1
    Hello @RichardHuxton Waht about following code ? I am not good at plpgsql DO $$ DECLARE schema_name TEXT; table_name TEXT; BEGIN FOR schema_name, table_name IN SELECT table_schema, table_name FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema IN ('schema1',!schema2',.....) LOOP EXECUTE format('ALTER TABLE %I.%I REPLICA IDENTITY FULL;', schema_name, table_name); END LOOP; END $$; Feb 6 at 12:51
  • I can't really read the code properly in a comment, but yes, that seems to be the general idea. Feb 6 at 13:04


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