I've setup a Wal Shipping (standby) in postgresql as:

In the master, I've enabled archive_mode = on, archive_command to a shared location between master & slave and archive_timeout.

In the slave, I've configured the Restore_command to recover those wal files from shared location and created a standby.signal file.

But how to monitor through SQL if the slave is synced and applying those logs?

I know in streaming replication we can:

-- on master
select * from pg_stat_replication;

-- On replica
select * from pg_stat_wal_receiver;

But what about a manual replication using wal Shipping?

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You can run this query on the standby to figure out the timestamp of the last transaction replayed from the primary:

SELECT pg_last_xact_replay_timestamp();

To see if the server is still a standby server, you can check if it is in recovery mode:

SELECT pg_is_in_recovery();

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