I have a master-slave mariadb 10.3.29 running on AWS EC2 and needs to be migrated to AWS Aurora MySQL using DMS. In order to do that i need to change the binlog_format to ROW(both master and slave) and as per mariadb documentation its a dynamic parameter, which i assume "NO" reboot is required. Is that a correct assumption and any other FLUSH commands i need to run?

I also tried to find the parameter "binlog_format" in this config file "50-server.cnf" and could not find. However running "SHOW VARIABLES like '%binlog_format%';" shows the binlog_format is MIXED.

So wondering if binlog_format is not explicitly specified in the .cnf file, by default mariaDB takes MIXED and if i have to change it to ROW, it needs be added under "[mysqld]" in the above config file?

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binlog_format is a dynamic system, so it will take effect on the next statement if set in a session.

If it is set globally (this is what you want), the next connections will adopt the new binlog_format.

Nothing else is required to change the binlog_format.

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