I'm using Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (SP2-GDR) (KB4505220) - 13.0.5101.9 (X64).

One of our databases seem to have a run away Query Store with over 90 gb stored. I want to disable QS, but cannot do so because disable queries get blocked.

After a server reboot, the database got stuck in something related to query store loading, so every query you ran was blocking in that db due to QDS_LOADDB.

ALTER DATABASE someDb SET QUERY_STORE = OFF and ALTER DATABASE someDb SET QUERY_STORE CLEAR ALL are likewise stuck against some SQL Server internal-process which was unkillable.

After i enabled trace flags 7745 + 7752, i could at least move the query store loading into async load, which doesn't block regular queries. But ALTER DATABASE someDb SET QUERY_STORE = OFF still blocks due to QUERY STORE ASYNC LOAD command.

The question, how do i disable Query Store on such a run away database? I have a bad feeling that the "QUERY STORE ASYNC LOAD" will never finish

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Did you try ?

  • Yeah, it's not available in my server version (incorrect syntax near FORCED). But if everything fails, i might be able to patch it to the latest SP Commented Feb 21 at 13:11
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    yeah I'd definitely think of patching, you have quite a few security patches missing. this syntax came in CU14 of SP2 sqlskills.com/blogs/erin/… In the link below you can see all of the builds (including the remote code execution fixes ;-) ) sqlserverbuilds.blogspot.com/#sql2016x Commented Feb 21 at 13:40

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