Have been trying to get MongoDB installed on MAMP PRO 6.9, PHP 8.2.0, Mac 14.21 via PECL but after a successful install and enabling the extension, when restarting MAMP Pro, Apache fails and none of my sites are available.

Disabling the extension doesn't help and I have to delete it and reinstall MAMP Pro to get back to normal.

Any help appreciated.

Regards, Nigel

I tried re-installing the extension, Google-searched extensively.

  • Did you read the error logs ?
    – Ken Lee
    Mar 6 at 0:26
  • Yes - but all I get in the Apache error log is: [Mon Mar 11 08:28:40.363985 2024] [:alert] [pid 73011] (22)Invalid argument: FastCGI: read() from pipe failed (0) [Mon Mar 11 08:28:40.364200 2024] [:alert] [pid 73011] (22)Invalid argument: FastCGI: the PM is shutting down, Apache seems to have disappeared - bye So nothing useful :-( Mar 10 at 21:31
  • The weird thing is, even having the extension in the 'no-debug' directory stops Apache from loading even if the extension is not enabled. Mar 10 at 22:08


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