we have a master-master (two-way sync) configuration with our cloud and on-site DB. we're using "Server version: 5.7.28-31-57 Percona XtraDB Cluster (GPL)"

Our problem is when the on-site DB dies it causes the cloud DB to die as well. We think it dies because the on-site DB is ahead of the cloud DB so it dies and tries to re-sync.

I found "symmetricds" when looking into how to better handle the data sync between the 2 DB and I'm wondering if this will help with our current problem.

Since our main goal atm is to stop the on-site DB from also killing the cloud DB.

  • What are you using for data sync, replication or the actual cluster? If a cluster you should have at least 3 nodes. Apr 6 at 16:40
  • @JesusUzcanga I think we're using a cluster, what do you mean by 3 nodes? Apr 7 at 7:02


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