I have a strange error when importing a backuped database from my prod environment to my dev environment.

the scenario is as follows:

  • Postgres 13.x
  • PGAdmin 4
  • migration files are generated by dbmate and create the very same tables in both environments. At least thats what I think and hope.
  • the backup is done via PGAdmin exporting ONLY the data (no Schema no nothing)

OK that was the easy part.

My import using PgAdmin works almost fine with 1 single exception in 1 particular table. That table uses a user-defined type for one of its columns and it defines a constraint that uses that user-defined type within a function when the constraint is checked.

The whole thing looks roughly like this:


CREATE TABLE my_table (
    id          varchar(36) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
    created_at  timestamp NOT NULL,
    updated_at  timestamp NOT NULL,


    total       decimal NOT NULL,
    value       JSONB NOT NULL,
    state       status

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION complex_constraint_function(value JSONB, total decimal, state status)
RETURNS boolean AS $$
    result boolean default false;
    IF state = 'ACTIVE'::status THEN
            --do some complex JSONB stuff
            -- return true if everything is fine
            RETURN true;
        RETURN false;
    END IF;
$$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

ALTER TABLE my_table 
    ADD CONSTRAINT check_complex_constraint
        CHECK (complex_constraint_function(value, total, state));

I am using multiple user-defined types in my database and they all work fine. And I am using multiple constraints that use functions and they all work fine. But this one particular table is giving me a headache.

On importing the backup via PGAdmin into the dev environment I get the following error when the constraint is being checked

pg_restore: error: COPY failed for table "my_table": ERROR: type "status" does not exist
LINE 1: state = 'ACTIVE'::status
QUERY: state = 'ACTIVE'::status
CONTEXT: PL/pgSQL function public.complex_constraint_function(jsonb,numeric,public.status) line 6 at IF

I double and tripple checked if that ENUM type does exists in both DBs (and there is honestly no other way as the dev DB is regularily rebuild using dbmate). I have honestly no clue how this can even be. As when runnign my test cases with the dev-db this constraint is there (I am explictly testing for this).

Has anybody seen anything like this? Or any idea on how to debug this (except for dropping the constraint)?


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Usage should be with schema-qualified identity.

IF state = 'ACTIVE'::public.status THEN

pg_restore is intentionally executed with a search_path that includes only the system catalog, but not any user namespaces (for example default public schema).

It is necessary because of CVE-2018-1058 class exploits. This is indeed inconvenient at times, but the postgresql developers have no good ideas on how to fix this inconsistency without reintroducing the vulnerability to such CVE.

  • wow! excellent. And the reference to using the namespace helped with the next "bug" too. Thank you very much
    – robkuz
    Apr 4 at 8:16

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