I have a simple table on what is basically a completely fresh database:

create table import_test_uuid
    id   integer not null generated by default as identity primary key,
    guid uuid

I am inserting into this table 500 tuples as follows

insert into import_test_uuid(guid)
values ('c2ae5cc1-0cec-4109-84d3-8aa5731d65e3'),
       -- same thing 500 times

This is taking 700ms to execute, which to me seems way too slow. Inserts into a database running locally on my machine take < 10ms.

Executing select 1 on the Azure database takes around 50ms so I don't think its latency.

How can I diagnose this issue?

For context, this is a follow up to this question where I am experiencing extremely slow inserts on a table with geometry/JSONB columns.

The database on Azure is running on the following configuration:

Standard_B1ms (1 vCore, 2GB memory, 640 max iops)

32 GB storage, performance tier P10 (500 iops)

I tried changing to a general purpose configuration (same storage size) but it did not seem to improve performance.

  • You should use EXPLAIN (ANALYZE, BUFFERS) on the INSERT statement. Then you'd see how much of the time is spent planning the statement. Parsing and planning a large statement like that is going to be expensive. COPY would be the faster solution. Commented Apr 8 at 8:35


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