This takes up How to debug a script component in SSIS - Stack Overflow which was asked for the 2008 version and is now outdated. That is why this question needs to be revived for the versions of nowadays.

I put a breakpoint in two Script Components in an SSIS Data Flow Task. Only the first Script Component gets debugged, as soon as I reach the second, the script is run to its end without stopping at any breakpoint.

How can I debug the second Script Component so that the debugger stops at the breakpoints there?

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Thanks for asking. With respect to SSIS versions after 2008, debugging script components is now possible.

Microsoft has updated their documentation with more details, which I am providing here as well.

To debug the code in your Script component, set at least one breakpoint in the code, and then close the VSTA IDE to run the package in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). When package execution enters the Script component, the VSTA IDE reopens and displays your code in read-only mode. After execution reaches your breakpoint, you can examine variable values and step through the remaining code.

This comes with two caveats:

You cannot debug a Script component when you run the Script component as part of a child package that is run from an Execute Package task. Breakpoints that you set in the Script component in the child package are disregarded in these circumstances. You can debug the child package normally by running it separately.

When you debug a package that contains multiple Script components, the debugger debugs one Script component. The system can debug another Script component if the debugger completes, as in the case of a Foreach Loop or For Loop container.

For more information, you can check out Microsoft's documentation over at https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/integration-services/extending-packages-scripting/data-flow-script-component/coding-and-debugging-the-script-component?view=sql-server-ver16&redirectedfrom=MSDN.

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