I'm trying to do what is described here.

That is, execute the following:

DROP ROLE role_name;

and get the:

list of permissions it can find that are granted to the role.

I can't seem to do this. I see no output and the Messages after executing don't help:

enter image description here

The docs don't give any indication that this actually does what @user:176905 said in the linked answer.

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    Use a client that shows you the messages. Commented Apr 24 at 10:45
  • @LaurenzAlbe I've edited my question with a picture of what I see in the "Messages". Do you get more information in yours?
    – rob.loh
    Commented Apr 24 at 11:14

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That looks like there are no messages and DROP ROLE was successful.

That would mean that there are no permissions granted to that role directly.

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