This is the definition of my table:

  `Id` bigint(20) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `Guid` uuid NOT NULL DEFAULT uuid(),
  `Tenant` varchar(400) DEFAULT NULL,
  `Slug` varchar(400) NOT NULL DEFAULT uuid(),
  `Locale` varchar(400) NOT NULL,
  `Title` varchar(400) DEFAULT NULL,
  `ImageGuid` uuid DEFAULT NULL,
  `Summary` varchar(400) DEFAULT NULL,
  `TimeToRead` bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL,
  `AcceptsComment` bit(1) DEFAULT b'1',
  `UtcDate` datetime NOT NULL,
  `LastUpdateUtcDate` datetime DEFAULT NULL,
  `StateKey` varchar(400) NOT NULL,
  UNIQUE KEY `IX_Posts_Unique_Guid` (`Guid`),
  UNIQUE KEY `IX_Posts_Unique_Locale_And_Slug` (`Locale`,`Slug`) USING HASH,
  KEY `IX_Posts_Guid` (`Guid`),
  KEY `IX_Posts_Tenant` (`Tenant`),
  KEY `IX_Posts_Slug` (`Slug`),
  KEY `IX_Posts_Locale` (`Locale`),
  FULLTEXT KEY `IX_Posts_FullText` (`Slug`,`Title`,`Summary`),
  CONSTRAINT `Ck_Posts_NonEmptyGuid` CHECK (`Guid` <> '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'),
  CONSTRAINT `Ck_Posts_NonEmptyImageGuid` CHECK (`ImageGuid` <> '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000')

And I have one and only one record in it.

INSERT INTO `Posts` (`Id`, `Guid`, `Tenant`, `Slug`, `Locale`, `Title`, `ImageGuid`, `Summary`, `TimeToRead`, `AcceptsComment`, `UtcDate`, `LastUpdateUtcDate`, `StateKey`) VALUES
(13,    'a52b1e08-37d7-54f2-a10c-db6abb9a5af0', '', 'کلید-های-اتوماتیک-MCCB-آشنایی-با-ساختمان-عملکرد-و-تنظیمات-کلید-کلید-کمپکت-جریان-اتصال-کوتاه-المان-حرارتی-المان-مغناطیسی',  'fa',   'کلید های اتوماتیک |MCCB  |آشنایی با ساختمان عملکرد و تنظیمات کلید| کلید کمپکت| جریان اتصال کوتاه| المان حرارتی | المان مغناطیسی|', '258c90a3-9d86-4b85-9b69-27adcefb6cde', NULL,   5,  CONV('1', 2, 10) + 0,   '2021-02-02 00:00:00',  '2021-07-14 11:09:14',  'Draft');

Now when I want to update the record:

update Posts
    Guid = "a52b1e08-37d7-54f2-a10c-db6abb9a5af0",
    Slug = "کلید-های-اتوماتیک-mccb-آشنایی-با-ساختمان-عملکرد-و-تنظیمات-کلید-کلید-کمپکت-جریان-اتصال-کوتاه-المان-حرارتی-المان-مغناطیسی",
    Locale = "fa",
    Title = "کلید های اتوماتیک |MCCB  |آشنایی با ساختمان عملکرد و تنظیمات کلید| کلید کمپکت| جریان اتصال کوتاه| المان حرارتی | المان مغناطیسی|",
    ImageGuid = "258c90a3-9d86-4b85-9b69-27adcefb6cde",
    TimeToRead = "5",
    UtcDate = "2021-02-02 00:00:00",
    LastUpdateUtcDate = "2021-07-14 11:09:14",
    StateKey = "Draft"
where Id = 13

I get this error:

Duplicate entry 'fa-کلید-های-اتوماتیک-mccb-آشنایی-با-س...' for key 'IX_Posts_Unique_Locale_And_Slug'

How is that even possible? How a table that has one record can ever encounter duplicate entry error on update?

Version: MariaDB-1:11.3.2+maria~ubu2204

  • Did you mean 10.11.3? Or 11.3.2?
    – Rick James
    Commented May 1 at 4:17
  • @RickJames, this is what select version(); gives me: 11.3.2-MariaDB-1:11.3.2+maria~ubu2204 Commented May 1 at 4:47

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This appears to be MDEV-29345 caused by case insensitive updates on text/blob/varchar(above 333 characters) updates on unique indexes.

The MDEV-371 Unique indexes for blobs feature has exposed a large number of edge cases (bugs) that we are fixing but this is still to be fixed.

A work around is to:

  • use 333 characters (or less) as the Slug length; and
  • remove "USING HASH" on the index (the BTREE default performant too).

Work around #2 is:

  • COLLATE=uca1400_as_cs; or
  • a case sensitive collate on the Slug column

ref: https://dbfiddle.uk/o5KPlLkB

  • I don't know why somebody downvoted this. I'm not a professional database developer, but If I was writing its code, I would check to see if the current row being updated conflicts with itself or not, and if the duplicate was itself, I would update the row. Commented May 1 at 4:45
  • 1
    I'm not sure either, I made sure it was positive as it was a genuinely good question. Application check and then do/dont are subject to race conditions. Its safer to just use unique indexes like you have and handle dup sql errors.
    – danblack
    Commented May 1 at 4:54
  • reducing the length is possible. But I'm not adding that USE HASH to my index creation statement. I use a tool that generates the database based on a JSON file. And it does not generate the USE HASH. This is a simple index script it generates: create unique index IX_Posts_Unique_Locale_And_Slug on Blog.Posts` (Locale, Slug)` Commented May 1 at 4:58

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