Why is Database Administration so hard?

Which areas of a DBA's knowledge should a developer delve into?

How long to learn PostgreSQL?

What should every DBA know?

Small sample database for practicing database administration?

This is what I learnt

Tips on getting a job as DBA

  • get a job as DBA

  • get a job a system admin


  • Disaster recovery,backup.

  • Performance tuning

  • indexing

  • database normalization

  • performance monitoring

  • roles based security access control

Sample databases

  • Adventureworks, Northwind and pubs sample databases, Dell DVD Store database,Contoso BI demo

My constraints

  • I am production implementation operator and mainly work with Linux and web servers.

  • I don't get to use SQL that much.

  • I want to improve my admin as well as querying part.

  • I can't afford certification exams. Their ROI is questionable.

  • I can't afford expensive courses. The most I can afford is 5 x udemy.

  • I can't get a job as DBA at the moment to learn on the job. I am already a production implementation operator.

  • I've almost every database textbooks that one can think of: from Date to Navathe and from Gehrke to Conolly begg. I've all of them. Since books(only textbooks) are much affordable in Nepal and have higher ROI, I've bought all of them. But to read them, I need assignments and I can't find curated sets of assignments on database.

  • I want assignments and exercises that will help me learn database querying part. I've already done sqlbolt tutorials and exercises, w3schools etc. I've not yet tried websites like datalemur and stratascratch though. My concern is that learning to program puzzles in SQL is not the same as being a good SQL developer/dba.

  • How do I learn the admin part? I'm not much scared about the admin part as I'm already some sort of admin, but I need to be serious regarding it.

  • LeetCode?...or of the like (I think StrataScratch is similar). They're not exactly puzzles as they are examples of real life kind of problems. Once you get comfortable solving those problems then try to build a system that requires a semi-complex database so it's an ongoing learning experience, that's all related. Unfortunately this kind of question is not very suitable here and likely to be closed.
    – J.D.
    Commented Jun 11 at 12:37
  • Unfortunately, career advice is explicitly off topic for our site.
    – Hannah Vernon
    Commented Jun 11 at 14:53
  • See DBA.se & StackOverflow (also forums.oracle.com and orafaq) for SQL questions, if the answers are already accpeted, try and answer them yourself (without peeking). Remember that SQL is just one facet of a DBA's work (being a DBA is not the study of SQL just as being an astronomer is not the study of telescopes). Being a dev, you don't have to care about the physical data behind the CLI - tables, data placement - all the stuff you have in your Admin section. As to how long it takes to learn PostgreSQL - well, as long as you like! :-) I've been at it ~ 4 yrs - I still know nothing! :-)
    – Vérace
    Commented 2 days ago
  • StackOverflow Discussions might be the forum you may want to post some of your questions.
    – prasad_
    Commented 2 days ago


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