I have run into a SUSPECT database (SQL Server) for the first time. It is apparently due to disk failing. I have recent full DB and transaction log copies but additional data was entered since then. I can (and did) make a copy of current (suspect) database by generating scripts. I have already checked but cannot find any info on that:

Is it possible to create additional transaction log backup that will be able to work with the old one? My reasoning being: -if I restore the old backup, then recent data will be missing -if I restore database from scripts, then other data will be missing due to disk errors -if I create transaction log after rebuilding database from scripts and am able to combine it with the old backup, then I will have minimum or 0 loss: I will have full data until the last TL backup and all the data after that I can currently still access anyway.

So, is it possible to create a transaction log that can be restored along with an older one?

I cannot make any transaction log backups even after setting db to emergency mode. I have generated scripts and will try to import it into a new database on another pc like that. Hoping it will then let me create transaction log backups.

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The answer to your question is No. You cannot bring another transaction log backup(from a restored database) and restore with your current backup set.

Why: Due to Log Sequence Numbers will not match. Read details here

Two things I would try (based on your description of the problem).

  1. Take a tail-log backup. There are different options you can use while taking a tail-log backup. Details here.
  2. Restore the backups you have. Create another database with the scripts you generated. Use a data compare tool and reconcile manually. Visual Studio has a built-in data comparison tool.

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