why pgAdmin4 Tablespace Security privileges does not count for pg_default if no tablespace is selected when creating new database? how to solve this issue?

Hy all -I have a server dedicated to PostGreSQL and with two additional HDD's to associate with two distinct users and their databases (I'll use generic names gere) -I sucessfully created logins for additional two users: and besides the user with Privileges enabled only for CanLogin, CreateSatabases and CanInitiate backups -I sucessfully created two Tablespaces <db_a> <db_b> pointing to locations on the two distinct HDD (Ubuntu) and set security to grant privileges <db_a> only for and and <db_b> only for and -I modified Tablespace pg_default's Security to grant privileges only for user the owner for pd_default is postgres

-I set these up because I want to limit and to not to be able to create new databases on other Tablespaces than the one allocated to their users

-I somewhat succeded, and if tryes to create a new database using a different Tablespace than <db_b> (the one it is assigned to him), it gets "permission denied for tablespace db_a it even gets "permission denied for tablespace pg_default" if it chooses the <pg_default> Tablespace

BUT here is my problem: If the same user does not specify(choose) a Tablespace, the database gets created without any error or notification and the Tablespace gets set to <pg_default> that resides on the install folder of the small OS HDD and not one of the additional large HDD's

I'm not sure if it's ok to delete the pg_default Tablespace trying to find a workaround for this.

Setup: ubuntu24 desktop, PostGreSQL16, pgAdmin4

I've seen the post named "Why do I get a PostgreSQL permission error when specifying a tablespace in the "create database" command?" but my case is different and suggestions from there do not apply for me.


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