I want to use elasticsearch as a web search engine for books. A book has several editions with different titles in different languages, ISBN's as well as author names in different languages. I want that a book is found by any combination of title language and author name language i.e. the Latin name of Aristotle and the english title of one of his works.

How do I store all possible names of the author, all ISBN's, all titles with respective edition-id's of one book and information about the language in order to get the matching title, it's edition-id and its language as a result to a query?

I believe I need to use 'Nested Type', but I am not sure.

Like that I only find the _id of the book, but not more: { _id: 1 _source: { title: [ Odyssey Odyssee Odisea ] isbn10: [ 2080674722 5941453868 2670361734 ] fullname: [ Homer Omero ] } }


I found out how to do this with the help of this guide: The nested type is right and in my case the only option.

curl -XPUT localhost:9200/readgeek/book/1 -d'
  "names": [
      "english": "Omero",
      "german": "Homer"
  "authorid": "1",
  "ratings": "2589",
  "editions": [
      "title": "Odyssey",
      "languageid": "123",
      "isbn10": "1234567890",
      "isbn13": "1234567890123",
      "ratings": "158"
      "title": "Odisea",
      "languageid": "150",
      "isbn10": "1234568890",
      "isbn13": "1234569890123",
      "ratings": "15"

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