I want to create an embedded MySQL database for running tests, but I'm not sure how to do it.

  • How do I initialize the database?
  • How do I run my create table statements?

I'm using Perl, so it needs to be done with a language and not a couple of commands.

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Here are the functions from the C/C++ API

  • mysql_library_init() : Should be called before any other MySQL function is called, preferably early in the main() function.
  • mysql_library_end() : Should be called before your program exits.
  • mysql_thread_init() : Should be called in each thread you create that accesses MySQL.
  • mysql_thread_end() : Should be called before calling pthread_exit()

Personally, I have searched high and low for the Perl equivalent of these C/C++ API calls that would open an embedded MySQL Server. Apparently, none exists for the Perl API.

Here is an excerpt from dev.mysql.com that verifies this:

The embedded MySQL server library makes it possible to run a full-featured MySQL server inside a client application. The main benefits are increased speed and more simple management for embedded applications.

The embedded server library is based on the client/server version of MySQL, which is written in C/C++. Consequently, the embedded server also is written in C/C++. There is no embedded server available in other languages.

You may have to manually trigger the start of mysql yourself with something like this:

@args = {"/sbin/service","mysql","status"};
$rc = 0xFFFF & system(@args);
if ( $rc != 0 ) {
    @args = {"/sbin/service","mysql","start"};
    system(@args) == 0 or die "mysql start failed : $?";
  • yeah I've only found brief reference to embedded mysql in DBD::mysql Commented Jul 1, 2011 at 18:32

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