I have a large set of files with SQL commands that I run with a SQL*Plus script that uses the @@ operator. I run the script on third-party computers (or even send it by e-mail) so I'd like to make it as self-contained as possible.

Files are encoded as Win-1252. Currently, I need to set the NLS_LANG environment variable before running the script:


C:\> echo exit | sqlplus foo/bar@//example.com/xe @install.sql

This works but I wonder if it's possible to change the client encoding with a SQL or SQL*Plus command. (Or at least read the value and abort execution if it doesn't match.)

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NLS_LANG can't be changed from inside a session, however other settings can.

You can't change the character set once a database connection has been established (ie: the 2nd part of NLS_LANG), but you can change the language with:

alter session set NLS_LANGUAGE=SPANISH

... and the territory with:

alter session set NLS_TERRITORY=SPAIN

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