According to this answer about contained database disadvantages:

If you connect to a contained database as a contained user, SSMS will not fully support IntelliSense. You'll get basic underlining for syntax errors, but no auto-complete lists or tooltips and all the fun stuff. I filed a bug about this issue, and it remains open.

So is there any way to get IntelliSense-style functionality? Can anyone vouch for a product that will work in this scenario?


I really don't think this is a problem with Management Studio, just that the user the tool has to act on behalf of does not have the permission to pull the metadata required to support IntelliSense. So I doubt other tools will fill the need. Your choices are:

  1. Try other tools like SQL Prompt and SQL Complete
  2. Use a server-level login with adequate DB privileges for development (vs. application runtime)
  3. Live without IntelliSense

Hopefully they will fix this problem at some point. Even my Connect item incorrectly blames the UI when the problem is with the permissions (not) granted to the contained user.


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