I am new to SQL Server Reporting Services and report designing; can anyone help me in this?

I have two questions:

  1. How can I create a column for users to input data? After that, I need to perform some operations on the data entered by the user, which I need to display in another column.

  2. How can I round a decimal to the nearest integer? For example, 6.03 to 6 and 6.52 to 7.


1) How to create a column to input user data and after that I need to perform some operations on data enter by the user which i need to display in another column

SSRS is not creating an application, just a report. It is not advisable to use SSRS to collect user input. A limited amount can be done using parameters but this is on a per report basis not per row as I think you're implying in the question. For example you could have a parameter to multiple values by a common factor and then display that result.

2)how to make round a decimal to nearest integer ex 6.03 to 6 and 6.52 to 7

Create an expression with the Round() function.


this returns 6. Round also accepts a second value for number of decimal places. But instead of literal value, your fieldname would be in the parentheses:


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