What is the easiest way to manage three environments (DEV, QA and PROD) within a single Erwin file or multiple Erwin files? The Erwin file is separated by subject area, so I'm not sure reverse engineering is a viable option. We perform migrations every day, but they don't always conform to what is in Erwin, so we have a difficult time showing our end-users what is in QA and what is in PROD.


Erwin is a great tool for managing logical schemas but rarely being used to manage code (package, procedure, etc…) and content management.

Some editions of Erwin have a built-in version control, but again only for the artifacts being managed by Erwin.

TeamWork by dbMaestro (which I'm part of) does a real Database Version Control and Database Deployment. As many of our customers do have Erwin, we recommended them to use Erwin on a dedicate environment so the flow will be like Erwin -> Dev -> QA -> …

Changes being made in the Erwin environment are promoted to Dev using TeamWork Deployment Manager and the Dev, QA, etc… environments are managed by TeamWork version control. This gives you the ability to have logical design by Erwin and a real database version control for the physical layer by TeamWork. I hope I was helpful.


CA has a tool called Model Manager that may be able to help you out here.

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