I have two databases which were created using dbca. I made some changes in the second database, and I can't login to that database anymore, and, of course, I can't delete it by using dbca.

I am using Centos 5 and Oracle 10g Release 2.

How can I delete a database manually without impacting another dababase?


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From René Nyffenegger's blog:

Since 10g, It is possible to drop a database in Oracle 10g with the new SQL statement drop database

The command gets rid of datafiles online redo log files, controlfiles and spfile…

shutdown abort;
startup mount exclusive restrict; 
drop database;


. database must be closed
. exclusively mounted
. restricted

If you do not have a password, you should still be able to connect from the console, eg:

sqlplus / as sysdba

If by database you mean tablespaces and schemas, and if your databases are based on different datafiles, you can remove tablespaces and datafiles like this:

DROP TABLESPACE tablespace_name

If you want to delete entire database itself:

drop database database_name including backups

The secondary db will not be impacted unlesss you have cross references using database links, in which case some procedures or views will become invalid.

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