I am trying to connect to MySQL database version 5.1 hosted on a web server using IBM Data Studio 4.1. I am getting an error

"The JDBC driver class was not found in the specified JAR or .zip file. Click the ellipsis (...) button to update the path to the JDBC driver files.". 

I downloaded the connector file from "http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/j/" but IBM Data Studio doesn't recognize this .zip file as the right .jar file.

I was able to connect using SQL Developer but it isn't as friendly as I wished for. So, can someone please help me with the right .jar file and instructions for updating data studio with the jar so that I can connect successfully.


Here is a similar processes to connect to a local derby database

Confirm that your Debrby server is running

I used the startNetworkServer.bat file on Windows 7 to start derby

Open IBM Data Studio Navigate to Windows>Prefernces>DataManagement>Connectivity>Driver Definitions

Edit the Specific Driver you will use to connect

In my case that was Derby10.2-DerbyClient JBDC Driver Default

On the Jar List tab you will see the default driver files

In my case I updated to c:\db-derby\lib\derbyclient.jar since my derby is installed in c:\db-derby

I had to save this new location and restart IBM Sata Studio

When I selected this connection parameter in the JDBC driver pulldown I was able to define a successful connection

Hope this helps

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