I just installed Ola Hallengren's MaintenanceSolution.sql maintenance scripts. After looking at the output of the log generated by the IndexOptimize - USER_DATABASES job, I'm concerned that it's not going to update the stats. The reason for my concern is that I see @UpdateStatistics = NULL in the parameters listed in the log output:

Date and time: 2013-07-16 13:58:24
Server: XXXXX
Version: 10.0.5512.0
Edition: Standard Edition (64-bit)
Procedure: [PROD-PH].[dbo].[IndexOptimize]
Parameters: @Databases = 'USER_DATABASES', @FragmentationLow = NULL, @FragmentationMedium = 'INDEX_REORGANIZE,INDEX_REBUILD_ONLINE,INDEX_REBUILD_OFFLINE', @FragmentationHigh = 'INDEX_REBUILD_ONLINE,INDEX_REBUILD_OFFLINE', @FragmentationLevel1 = 5, @FragmentationLevel2 = 30, @PageCountLevel = 1000, @SortInTempdb = 'N', @MaxDOP = NULL, @FillFactor = NULL, @PadIndex = NULL, @LOBCompaction = 'Y', @UpdateStatistics = NULL, @OnlyModifiedStatistics = 'N', @StatisticsSample = NULL, @StatisticsResample = 'N', @PartitionLevel = 'N', @MSShippedObjects = 'N', @Indexes = NULL, @TimeLimit = NULL, @Delay = NULL, @LockTimeout = NULL, @LogToTable = 'Y', @Execute = 'Y'
Source: http://ola.hallengren.com

The motivation behind this is that there is a query that runs once an accounting period (every four weeks) for the date range of the period. The query takes over 20 minutes if I do not manually run sp_updatestats. The query takes less than 5 seconds if the stats are current. The table in question has ~ 1.6M rows but is only growing by ~20K a week. As such, it is nowhere near the 20% auto threshold for a given four week period. Several other tables have a similar growth pattern.

My plan is to schedule this job to run once a week. Will it update the stats as required?

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By default, the script does not perform statistics maintenance. The documentation for the script's parameters can be found here.

Value   Description
ALL     Update index and column statistics.
INDEX   Update index statistics.
COLUMNS Update column statistics.
NULL    Do not perform statistics maintenance. This is the default.

So if you let the main script create your maintenance jobs for you, and you wanted to update index and column statistics, then you'd need to edit the IndexOptimize job and add , @UpdateStatistics='ALL' into the procedure call.

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