I am attempting to set up PGSQL-HA streaming replication on freeBSD 8.2 (willing to upgrade to 8.4 if need be).

The set up is simple: 2 nodes, one active one standby. I have successfully set up streaming replication between the two nodes, but I am now trying to set up a resource agent/manager to deal with automatic failover and STONITH.

I have attempted to use Heartbeat/Corosync/Pacemaker for this, but am running into difficulty building them from source (Pacemaker, in particular).

Is there an easier way than using Pacemaker for a simple 2 node set up? I have little experience with this and especially with freeBSD.


*Note: FreeBSD 8.x is required, the servers are running other services that would make it too difficult to upgrade or change the OS

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  • 8.2 doesn't have streaming replication, so I think you might be confused. Perhaps you're on 9.2 and willing to update to 9.3 if necessary? ] – Craig Ringer Aug 23 '13 at 0:40
  • Sorry if my wording was confusing. I am running PostgreSQL 9.3 on a server running freeBSD 8.2. I have set up HA streaming replication, but need to impliment some sort of resource management (eg. auto-failover, fencing) and have tried to compile Pacemaker from source (since there is no Port for it). I am wondering, for a simple 2-node setup, is there an easier way? Is pacemaker overkill? Can I just write some scripts myself? Use repmgr? Thanks – user1563859 Aug 23 '13 at 17:26

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