Is it possible to get a deadlock if you ran mysqldump with the argument --single-transaction ? or any other complication ?

If it is used to backup a live site with many other querys running at the same time.

Extra info:

The mysqldump process could take over few minutes to complete.

The tables are innodb.


I am concerned about the deadlocks errors that could happen on the live applications relying on the database during the time where mysqldump is running.

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It is logically possible because --single-transaction gets "thrown under the bus" if any ALTER TABLE commands are launched intermittently during the mysqldump (See this post from mysqlperformanceblog.com).

What happens when a dump faces off against an ALTER TABLE ?

  • If session #1 is running the mysqldump on mydb.mytable, an ALTER TABLE from session #2 may pause because it needs to perform a table lock.
  • If session #1 is running ALTER TABLE on mydb.mytable, it could produce spurious results from session #2 trying to run mysqldump on that table (Possible empty table [missing data])

It is not so much a deadlock in the traditional sense, but it safe to say that the --single-transaction option can get its loyalty displaced and lose it point-in-time window from the first victimized table and all other tables after it.


Setup Master/Slave Replication

  • Use binlog_format = ROW to have changes as granular as possible
  • Perform mysqldumps of the Data from the Slave
    • mysqldump --single-transaction ...

You should never encounter deadlocks as long as the Slave is used for reads and backups only.


  • Thanks for your solution. Does mysqldump: Error 1213: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction when dumping table only happen with ALTER TABLE or all DDL statments? I see thousends of CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS in audit log.
    – Sybil
    Commented Apr 25, 2017 at 6:32

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