I'm using the mysql cli in edit mode (\e).

> Select * from \e

Goes to vim and I finish typing my command.

Select * from test_table;

Only to realize I've forgotten to use the database I need. Is there a way I can preserve this script in edit mode, switch back to the regular mysql mode, run my command, and then come back to edit?

Another example would be: I forget how a column name is spelled and I need to look it up after I've started typing a command in edit mode.


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Well, sort of.

In vim, save your work to a different file...

:w myfile.sql [enter]

Then exit vim with an artificial error so the mysql client won't bother to re-read the temporary file.

:cq [enter]

Then clear the input buffer in mysql.

\c [enter]

Then do what you've gotta do.

Then re-launch vim

\e [enter]

The editor will have your last command in it. Clear that out and then paste the temporary file back into the buffer.

:r myfile.sql [enter]

Keep editing, then save and exit and your new content will be returned to mysql for execution.

  • It sounds like there is no other way... although I thought I remembered an old colleague doing something without having to use your method. If no one else offers an answer in a couple days, I'll mark yours as the correct answer. Thanks! Sep 1, 2013 at 18:40
  • Sounds good. I checked the source of client/mysql.cc and didn't see anything but if someone else has ideas for alternate approaches, I'll be interested to see them, too. Sep 2, 2013 at 2:07

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