I have a PostgreSQL 8.4 on Windows 7 machine, and my issue is that I have only the win1251 locale.

So when I create a database, I choose the UTF8 encoding and can select only lc_collate = Russian_Russia.Win1251. And when I get any errors when I use JDBC I get unreadable logs.

How can I set a locale like en_US.UTF8 or ru_RU.UTF8?

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PostgreSQL 8.4 supports only one locales that is selected in installation time. You need to rerun initdb statement with different locales (but only one can be used) or you can migrate to 9.x version, that supports more locales.

  • I tried reinstall PostgreSQL 8.4 but not see any locale selection in instalation. For select locale i can not use one click installer?
    – Kliver Max
    Sep 10, 2013 at 5:44
  • Long time I didn't use a 8.4, but I remember, so there was a some possibilities - maybe your system missing some locales (postgres depends on system resources), maybe you use a some different installator. You can use a initdb command manually without reinstallation, but it needs some deeper knowledge stackoverflow.com/questions/5881845/… Sep 10, 2013 at 11:00

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