I used following command to get backup of my spfile.

CREATE PFILE='c:/test_init.ora' FROM MEMORY;

it has following lines related to memory.

log_buffer=4743168 # log buffer update
sga_max_size=2G # internally adjusted

I wonder about "# internally adjusted" comment. What does it mean?


It means it was adjusted by Oracle, because it was not specified explicitly. When using Automatic Memory Management, you need to set only the memory_target parameter, the sga/pga parameters are handled internally by the database automatically.

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It means that possibly some other DBA issued the command below (alter system with optional comment clause). Then the comment is put into spfile this way. But as I read metalink note: 257643.1 it might some outcome of some changes in automatic memory management.

See alter system command:

alter system set sga_max_size=2G scope=spfile sid=* comment='internally adjusted';

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