I tried to change default language to french by using the below query.

USE ssidps;
EXEC sp_configure 'default language', 2 ;

but SELECT @@language gives "us_english" always.

My aim is to change my onshore system's default language from korean to english. All error/warning messages are coming in korean when query failed. And i couldn't catch that message as i developed in English.

Its working in the current session by the query "set language french" but not for the database. I asked the same in stackexchange but i was referred to this site. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19654101/how-to-change-default-language-of-sql-server-management-studio

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Using SSMS :

To do so, open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) > Right click Server in Object Explorer > Properties > Advanced > Check the ‘Default Language’ property and make sure it is set to the one you want.

enter image description here

using TSQL:

Look up the sys.messages catalog view to check if SQL Server supports a message in your local language.

SELECT msg.language_id, lang.langid, alias 
sys.messages AS msg
syslanguages AS lang
ON lang.msglangid = msg.language_id
GROUP BY  msg.language_id, lang.langid, alias

then once you know the langid use below tsql

EXEC sp_configure "default language", n  -- n = `langid` that you want to set

note: you have to restart SQL server and this is an instance wide setting.

  • I have tried these before. Any way i have re-install SQL server 2008R2 with certain language. – sameer pradhan Oct 30 '13 at 11:26
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    +1 for giving the TSQL source. Changing from the UI was disabled for some reason. – Sammy S. Aug 14 '15 at 8:47

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