How to uninstall SQL Server Management Studio 2012?

ControlPanel's "Uninstall or change programs" (in Windows 7 Prof) gives a row of entries:

enter image description here

while internet search results always tell: "click Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and then click Change"

UPDATE (commenting Shawn Melton's answer):

Upon choosing " "Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (64-bit)"--> Uninstall/Change, I observe:

enter image description here

and after choosing "Remove", "Setup Support Rules" without any SSMS or continuation option:

enter image description here


You will select "Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (64-bit)"

enter image description here

Upon loading of the setup wizard, you will select the instance for SQL Server 2012. The next screen you check the shared component you want to remove.

enter image description here

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