I have three tables: items, members, subscriptions. One item can be get by 1 or more members (one member can get more items), so subscriptions represents the many-to-many relationship between items and members. So we have:

  • items(id, name)
  • members(id, name, email)
  • subscriptions(*id_item*, *id_member*)

And now my problem: I have a quite comlicated query which manage items and outputs items data, I want to add to this output a column that contains the number of members who subscribed that item. I wrote this query but I don't want to use sub select statement

(SELECT count(*) AS current_sub from subscriptions AS s where s.id_item = i.id) AS current_members,
  -- ..... other code....
FROM items AS i
// ....other code...

I use MySQL 5.5. Thanks in advance.

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This one might work better:

items AS i
INNER JOIN (SELECT id_item, COUNT(*) AS count_subs FROM subscriptions GROUP BY id_item) counts
      ON i.id = counts.id_item

Post the result of the query with EXPLAIN keyword in front of SELECT. Then we can see, if and how indexes are used.

  • Thanks, it works. Regarding EXPLAIN, here there's the row of subscriptions table (table,type,possible_keys,key,key_len,ref,rows,Extra): subscriptions|index|NULL|id_item|6|NULL|5|Using index. Dec 31, 2013 at 16:56

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