• I sought to rename a database on Dreamhost web hosting VPS account.
  • I also wanted to rename a database user for the database to be created above.
  • I followed the approached detailed at ServerFault
  • I used mysqldump to create a backup of the old database (<1MB) as a *.sql file.
  • I created a new database with a desired name within the DreamHost CPanel.
  • I created a new database user within the DreamHost CPanel (not via the linux command console) to have access to the new database.
  • I imported (via linux command console) the *.sql (from mysqldump) as the new desired database.
  • I did not drop the old database - as I wanted to be sure that everything was alright before I drop the old database (and edit related scripts pointing to that old database).

Yet upon checking my DreamHost CPanel,

  • the size of the new database was not recognised.
  • the new database user had access to the new database as expected (this was tested via phpMyAdmin).


  • As expected phpMyAdmin does not show me the new database when I logged in with old user details.
  • As expected phpMyAdmin recognises the new database when I logged in with the new user details.
  • phpMyAdmin recognises the size of the new database.
  • phpMyAdmin shows that there is difference in size between the old and new database (I thought this is supposed to be the same size since its a backup).
  • I briefly checked the database structure (in phpMyAdmin) and noticed that the difference is coming from the table property “column” known as “Overhead”.
  • The Old database has Overheads in a few tables while the mysqldump file does not have any overheads.


  1. How come the difference in size
  2. Home come the DreamHost CPanel reports that size is unavailable
  3. What does Overhead even mean

Any help would be appreciated

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