My project contains 2 tables one is profile_table and another is address_table

Profile_ table contains:

| sid  | sname   | saddress |
|  1   | xyz     |   india  |
|  2   | abc     |     U.S  |

‘sid’ field in profile_table is made as primary key and autoincremented field.

The address table also contains 'sid':

| sid  | squalification    | smarks |
|  1   |    B.E            | 80     |
|  2   |    M.S            |  85    |
+------+------------------ +--------+

The sid column in 'address_table' is made as foreign key in the address table and when I inserted the first record in the profile_table that sid value must be inserted in the address_table along with squalification,smarks values.I want to use 'last inserted id' concept here and i dont want to use the stored procedure. please explain me how to get the last inserted id using scope identity without using a stored procedure in Mysql.


The LAST_INSERT_ID() function will return what you are looking for. It is a built-in function, does that qualify?

I'm not sure what you mean by excluding "stored procedure"; maybe it's just wrong terminology and you wish to also exclude built-in functions?

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