I have a single table that holds the following data columns:

id = Auto Increment
provider = Twitter or Facebook (depends what they use to login with)
uid = User ID
name = Their full name (e.g. Chris Burton)
image = Profile Image
link = Social network profile link

In that same table I also have the following columns

comment = Comment text
article_id = Article ID
date = Date of when comment was submitted

My question is, should I keep the user login data separate from my comment data? Or is it more efficient to keep it together?

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Use separete tables. If one user can make comments on many articles you will have huge repeat of same information.

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    Good point. I think what I'll do is only insert the uid (User ID) for actual comments. This way I can keep a record of who is posting. Feb 4, 2014 at 7:59

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