What would account for the difference in table sizes between one PostgreSQL database and another restored from its dump file?

On an Ubuntu 12.04 host, I'm running PostgreSQL 9.1, and I dumped my database using:

pg_dump -c -U myuser --blobs --format=c mydb -n public > mydb.dump

Prior to the dump, with autovacuum enabled, the table mytable was listed in pg_tables as being 31GB in size and has 21961903 rows.

I loaded this dump file onto a separate Ubuntu 12.04 host, using:

pg_restore --jobs=8 -U postgres --create --dbname=mydb mydb.dump

It loaded mostly fine, only reporting one error creating an index because of an "unexpected end of data" on table mytable, which it says it ignored. However, pg_table reports that the size of mytable is only 7.7GB but still has 21961903 rows.

Why the disparity in table size measurements? Should I be concerned with the error creating the index on my table?

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