I have an update query e.g.:

UPDATE table SET name = ? WHERE id = ?

I have all the relevant ids collected. I am looping over the ids and executing the update query for each one. In pseudo code:

for (id..ids)  {
   stmt->executeUpdate(query, nameForId(id), id);  

I was wondering is there a smarter/more efficient way to do this query update without looping? For instance, is there a way to create a big string once, like:

UPDATE table set a=? where id=? AND a=? where id=? ...etc.

Philᵀᴹ: Insert all of the data pairs into a temporary staging table, then run a single update. Will be lots quicker.

Kondybas: Create table pairs(id,name) from collected data and then:

UPDATE table 
JOIN pairs ON table.id=pairs.id
SET table.name=pairs.name

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Yes - you can concatenate your id's into a comma delimited string and then issue the following command:

update table set a=? where id in (?,?,?,?)

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