I am installing Oracle 11g in silent mode using the response file that is in the database/response directory. It is three response files in that directory(i.e. dbca.rsp, db_install.rsp and netca.rsp). I am using db_install.rsp and customize its properties to use it in runInstaller command in database directory.

At first I want to know is it the right rsp file to install the Oracle server.

When I use this rsp file it seems it doesn't use the values I set in it fr example it asks me to give the My Oracle Support accounts while I set the DECLINE_SECURITY_UPDATES to TRUE. After I add that parameter in the command line as follow:

./runInstaller -silent responseFile=/home/oracle/db_install.rsp -showProgress DECLINE_SECURITY_UPDATES=TRUE

it asks me to specify the "Global database name" as follow:

Starting Oracle Universal Installer...

Checking Temp space: must be greater than 120 MB. Actual 44950 MB
Passed Checking swap space: must be greater than 150 MB. Actual 8015 MB Passed Preparing to launch Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2014-02-14_06-40-50PM. Please wait ...[oracle@somethin database]$ [FATAL] [INS-35071] Global database name cannot be left blank. CAUSE: The Global database name was left blank. ACTION: Specify a value for the Global database name.

I am sure I set that value in the rsp file. But it seems it doesn't recognize it. As I check the installation log in oraInventory/log directory it didn't recognize the SID value I already set.

Even before all the issues above it didn't recognize the ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_BASE that I have had set in the sb_install.rsp and I set it in environment variables in bash_profile.

I guess it is the wrong rsp file and the runInstaller cannot recognize the parameters in it. I need to know how to force runInstaller to read the install configuration from the rsp file.

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./runInstaller -silent responseFile=/home/oracle/db_install.rsp -showProgress DECLINE_SECURITY_UPDATES=TRUE

The above line is wronge. I changed it like the following and it works fine.

./runInstaller -silent -responseFile /home/oracle/db_install.rsp -showProgress

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