we have DB2 9.7. It has almost 30 GB. Data are on this /opt/IBM/db2data/ctginst1/NODE0000/DB_NAME/Txxxxxx

I noticed that every day during the day (suppose because of the workload) DB change its size (partition /opt/IBM/db2data) For example used 26 GB, 27 GB, 28 GB, then it returns to 26GB.

I noticed that on Linux when using df -h. Available space grows and then returns to old value. How is this possible? Is this regular behavior? Also only one TABLESPACE has over 24 GB. Others are smaller. Shouldn't they be splatted equally or not?

Data are not deleted from database so that is not the reason why DB increase/decrease!


Temporary tablespaces grow and shrink as required. They can be used for temporary tables, sorts, or certain types of joins. I still think you should start reading manuals.

  • Hello thank you for information. Is this regular behavior that only one table space has 25 GB while others are small?: [ctginst1@tt-db-02 MAXDB71]$ du -skh * 225M T0000000 12K T0000001 289M T0000002 33M T0000003 25G T0000004 18M T0000005 12K T0000006 – Dejan Feb 20 '14 at 15:10
  • I listed it with db2 get snapshot table spaces and found which are temporary – Dejan Feb 20 '14 at 15:30

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