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I am developing a Java application with MySQL 5.6.13. A few days earlier I purchased a new laptop. I forgot to create a dump of application from previous laptop and instead I copied folder of my database(.ibd and .frm files) from datadir, when I installed MySQL 5.6.13 in new machine, and I had pasted my database(.ibd and .frm files) into datadir. The server is running fine. But in MYYOG IDE, when I open any of tables I am getting this error:

enter image description here

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*.ibd files are not enough, they store data, but InnoDB needs a dictionary which is stored in ibdata1.

To recover the tables you'll need a linux box. Then follow instructions in

Or you can try method described by Chris Calender

In the worst case you'd need to fetch records from ibd files and then reload into fresh InnoDB instance. See instructions here

UPDATE: Data recovery toolkit moved to GitHub

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