My scenario is the following:

Right now I am using one big MySQL database with multiple tables to store user data. Many tables contain auto increment columns.

I would like to split this into 2 or more databases. The distribution should be done by user_id and is determined (cannot be randomized). E.g. user 1 and 2 should be on database1, user 3 on database2, user 4 on database3.
Since I don't want to change my whole frontend, I would like to still use one db adapter and kind of add a layer between the query generation (frontend) and the query execution (on the right database). This layer should distribute the queries to the right database based on the user_id.

I have found MySQL Proxy which sounds exactly like what I need. Unfortunately, it's in alpha and not recommended to be used in a production environment.
For php there is MySQL Native Driver Plugin API which sounds promising but then I need a layer that supports at least php and java.

Is there any other way I can achieve my objectives? Thanks!


You can take a look into MySQL Fabric (Official Doc) but it requires more db server

I have tried this tool only in R&D env for testing a basic HA

It supports some sharding scenarios

Here some high level pros and cons


  • setup
  • sharding
  • write/read
  • basic HA


  • fabric node is the SPOF
  • no multi master
  • rewrite software in order to use the fabric driver
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