I was setting up a read replica of an RDS database for a reporting project, and issued an incorrect GRANT statement when configuring a user.

My RDS read replica stopped, with an error message on the slave:

The incident LOST_EVENTS occured on the master. Message: error writing to the binary log

It seems that the recovery solution is to:

stop slave;
start slave;

Except that the "root" user for an RDS read replica doesn't have rights to issue the stop slave command.

Is there a way to recover without deleting & recreating the read replica?

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In this specific case (a failed grant statement) stopping the slave, skipping the event, and restarting the slave is likely a safe operation... you just have to do it the RDS way.

mysql> CALL mysql.rds_skip_repl_error;

This is one of several stored procedures installed on every RDS instance that partially make up for the lack of SUPER privilege.


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