I need to create a statistical report in Excel and wondering if I can use SSIS to read data from the database (calculate the aggregated numbers) and load them into an Excel file with a specific layout. From what I can see, in SSIS 2008 R2, we don't have control on the target excel file, cell by cell, or perhaps I missed something. Is there any way to achieve it through SSIS?

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Thanks for your help in advance.


If your SSIS package runs with the appropriate file system permissions, you can create a template Excel file with the desired formatting and copy that file to a new one (using a file system or script task) where the data will be exported. If the sheet will contain a variable number of cells that must be formatted, you can use conditional formatting in the template and have Excel apply the format based on actual column values or a formatting flag, say in a hidden column, which could be populated from the data.

See this article for an example of using a template. This article may also be helpful; it mentions an ingenious way to update specific cells.

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