When I do desc table, I get back the columns Name, Null? and Type. What I also wish to get back is a column like UNIQUE to tell me if the column is in fact unique. I realize that this is a combination of columns labeled UNIQUE with the column (if present) labeled as the primary key for that table.

As an alternative, I have tried:

column_name "Name", 
nullable "Null?",
concat(concat(concat(data_type,'('),data_length),')') "Type"
FROM user_tab_columns

which I found somewhere, however I get 0 rows returned when I replace the TABLE_NAME_TO_DESCRIBE with the name of my table.

I am running from sqlplus. Any way to accomplish this? Either specific (returning of UNIQUE constraint) or general (how to alter desc command results) answers appreciated.

  • TABLE_NAME_TO_DESCRIBE is case sensitive – Jack Douglas Sep 28 '11 at 15:48
  • Yeah, I was thinking that might be what was tripping me, but alas I get 0 rows either way with the query above. However, you did jog my mind and I see I was not logged in as a user with sufficient enough permissions. I now get 10 rows with that query, so that solves expanding the returned columns. However, I still do not see how I can list if a column is UNIQUE or not – demongolem Sep 28 '11 at 16:18
SELECT utc.column_name "Name"
   , utc.nullable "Null?"
   , concat(concat(concat(utc.data_type,'('),utc.data_length),')') "Type"
   , ui.uniqueness
FROM user_tab_columns utc 
LEFT JOIN user_ind_columns uic ON uic.table_name = utc.table_name 
   AND utc.column_name = uic.column_name
LEFT JOIN user_indexes ui ON ui.table_name = utc.table_name
   AND uic.index_name=ui.index_name
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  • I see, I have to ultimately make it over to the user_indexes table. Thanks! It is a nice extension of the standard desc available to me. – demongolem Sep 29 '11 at 14:08

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