In SSMS on a Windows 7 machine, while connecting to a server running SQL Server 2000, I am no longer able to click on the Jobs to see the Object Explorer Details. Previously, this was not an issue, but it appears to have begun not long after a restart of the SQL Server Agent.

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In SQL Server Enterprise Manager on my XP machine, I am able to view the Job details, but it takes a long time; trying to view the properties of an individual Job also takes an inordinate amount of time.

In SSMS, I am not having any trouble opening tables and running queries or opening procs and running them.

Any insight into causes and/or fixes?

Responses to comments:

  • Connectivity is good.
  • msdb.sysjobhistory shows about 6500 records, with 90% of the records created in 2014.
  • RDP into the 2000 box indicates the same slowness for SQL Server Agent jobs display.
  • I do not experience lag time when:
    • I connect to the server
    • I open a table or procedure
    • When I run a basic query
  • Whenever I attempt to view the Job Details under SQL Server Agent, the lag time is significant.
  • Queries against msdb.sysjobhistory and msdb.sysjobs run fine in Query Analyzer.

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