I am trying to enumerate a database, created specifically for the purpose of learning SQL injections. I am trying to discover the number of columns a particular select statement might be using. I do this by "Ordinal" ordering the result set. So, I start with ORDER BY 1, .. BY 2, and so on until I get an error returning 'Unknown column'. Now, for an injection like so:

localhost/sqli?id=2' order by 7 AND '1

The resulting SQL statement is:

mysql> SELECT * FROM table_name where id='2' order by 7 and '1';

This returns a result set, but I was expecting it to throw an error returning "unknown column '7' in 'order clause' ". Why does it not throw the error. The table that I am working with has only 3 columns.

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Here is a sample in sqlfiddle-

The syntax for the select statment is the following

    [ORDER BY {col_name | expr | position}
      [ASC | DESC], ...]

in the statement

SELECT * FROM table_name where id='2' order by 7 and '1';

7 and '1' must be interpreted as expression by the parser: 7 is the integer 7 and not a row position in the select list. The manual says

Logical AND. Evaluates to 1 if all operands are nonzero and not NULL,

so the expresion evaluates to 1

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