There are multiple sections in MySQL configuration file:

  • [mysql]
  • [mysqld]
  • [myisamchk]
  • [mysqld_safe]
  • [mysqlhotcopy]
  • [mysqldump]
  • [client]

I found that same variables with different values have been defined under these sections.

  • What are the specific purpose behind defining these sections?
  • Is it necessary to define all?
  • How MySQL interprets these variables?

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MySQL calls these section "Groups". The [mysqld] group contains the variables apply to the MySQL Server (the mysqld process). The [mysql] group contains the variables for the client program (mysql).

The [client] option group is read by all client programs (but not by mysqld), so "mysql", "mysqldump" etc...

None of these groups are mandatory but usually we set at least the [mysqld] because it's where we configure the server.

About how MySQL interprets these variables, MySQL Documentation says:

If an option group name is the same as a program name, options in the group apply specifically to that program.



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