I'm trying to terminate each row in BCP output with a specific string along with newline. Neither of these work:

  • -r"terminator_string\n"';
  • -r"terminator_string"+\n';

Any suggestions?

For an idea of the overall problem, see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23329028/outofmemory-exception-when-reading-and-replacing-strings-with-streamreader-and-s

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    Could you provide more detail on what you want compared to what you are getting? Are the apostrophe and semi-colon part of the code? With -c -r "test\n" I'm getting what I think you're expecting. Apr 28 '14 at 3:13

Use the ASCII codes of the characters you want to match (without the 0x prefix).

For example to match A (char hex 41) + LineFeed (char hex 0A) do this:

-r "410A"

This seems to be undocumented. See my blog here for more info: http://kejser.org/databases/bulk-insert-with-linux-line-endings/


Check Specifying Field and Row Terminators for bcp


-r \n -Specifies the row terminator as a newline character. This is the default row terminator, so specifying it is optional.

Hope this helps

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